How to become a club member:

1. You will need to attend three (3) meetings, or club events.
2. You will need to be nominated for membership by a current financial member at one of our monthly meetings.
3. Your nomination then needs to be voted on and accepted by the members.
4. If accepted, you will be required to submit a registration form and pay the annual membership fee of $60.00.
5. No Limits 4wd Club reserve the right to decline any membership application.

Club Member Advantages:

In addition to all the great new friends you will meet, as a member you will be advised of all trips planned, or can plan a trip yourself, which can take you to places you may not have even heard of.  You will be supported on these trips by experienced 4wd’ers that will help you out of any trouble you might get into, or through a tight spot.

Your annual membership fee also covers an affiliation cost with Four Wheel Drive Tasmania, and covers you on club trips under our club insurance.

Being a member of an affiliated club also means that you need to always be mindful of your commitment to the club, and how your actions can be seen or portrayed by others.  We encourage our members to go out there and to have fun, but to be responsible and safe when we do.

We have a clothing range which is available at your own cost to make you look the part.  We also have windscreen and bumper stickers available so you can proudly display on your 4wd.

Then there is also a Christmas get together to look forward to, where we can leave our vehicles at home, grab a taxi, share a drink or two to celebrate the year we have had, and tell a story or two about the trips and events we have done throughout the year.

Club Trips:

We will do a bulk SMS, a mail out and/or put a notice on our Facebook page when we are planning a 4wd trip. We will advise where we are going, what time to meet and where.

At this meeting point, all vehicles will be asked to pay a $5 trip donation to the club per vehicle (not per person), regardless of whether you are a member or not. If you are not a member, you will also be asked to fill out a trip form, so that your details and emergency contact details are held by the trip leader in the case of an emergency.  There is also a waiver to sign on the form.

Trip Requirements:

4wd requirements as per the trip – e.g. winch required, minimum tyre size required, cooking gear
Front and Rear recovery points
Snatch strap and any required shackles
If using a winch – winch extension strap and tree trunk protector
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
4wd spares – radiator hoses, fuses, wire, hose clamps etc
Toolkit – socket set etc
Extra oil, water and petrol
Spare tyre